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Anne Burlock Lawver

Anne Burlock Lawver


Anne Burlock Lawver received an Art History degree but went on to work in Information Systems (IS) for 20+ years before pursuing her passion in photography. One of the few women at that time programming computers (computers consisting of “Big Blue’, mainframe IBM computers with banks of data recording onto magnetic tape reels), she felt more estranged from her desires to create art.

It was the passing of her husband, only 57 years old, which finally pushed Anne to pursue her love of art and creation. Her late husband had spent 12 years in Mississippi litigating for civil rights, particularly voting rights, for its black citizens. It was his death which inspired Anne to vow to never return to the lucrative field of IS.

With the question ‘what do you love to do?’ Anne realized the answer was clear: photography. For the next five years, she developed her own events photography business which she now continues to grow.

About 13 years ago, Anne met the man who is now her beloved husband. Now, in New York City, she has been able to turn her creative energies to working on personal photography projects, her creative joy.