Reality is not always probable or likely.

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by marj kleinman


One of the greatest things about Marj Kleinman’s “India” series is the ability she brings to her craft to avoid misplaced reverence.

Too often, photographers journey into foreign areas only to return with safari styled pictures, the kind of series which seems to have been shot through a telephoto lens out of the window of an air-conditioned limousine.

Yet Kleinman’s series “India” is personal. The images range from beautifully set traditional moments to candid day-to-day actions. Probably the most striking of her compositions is when the traditional and the contemporary are seen together: hennaed hands hold a cell phone, a taxi driver sits on break in traditional garb. 

Kleinman’s “India” brings a fresh air of honesty. There is no place in existence where every moment is filled with intention – rather there are simply people who wake up, experience their day, and eventually go to sleep. What’s captivating is not the what, it is the how, and Kleinman presents that with a respect and closeness only someone with her experience could provide. 

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