Reality is not always probable or likely.

Kate Schoenbach

Kate Schoenbach


Kate Schoenbach is a New York City-based photographer who enjoys conceptual and documentary visual storytelling. Her style incorporates long exposure and the use of movement to convey the passage of time through still imagery and the ethereal nature of our human experience.

Kate's inspiration comes from a number of artistic mediums including the surrealists of the early to mid 20th century, painters such as Magritte and Dali, photographers such as Matthew Pillsbury, Paul Strand and Diane Arbus.

Kate received her Bachelors from Fordham University and her Masters from the University of London. She is currently studying Documentary Photography at the School of Visual Arts and is planning a documentary trip to Namibia in the spring of 2017. Her work has been published in the Art of Intuitive Photography: Find Your True Self Through Your Own Lens and the Cats Broadway Playbill.