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Monika Parekh

Monika Parekh


Monika Parekh is a wife and mother living in NYC. She graduated Vassar College and holds a master’s degree in physical therapy from Columbia University. She worked for several years with disabled children with the NYC Board of Education before leaving the field to start her own family. Her love of photography began in high school, when she was first introduced to the medium. It was not until 2000 when she picked up her first SLR that she began crafting her skill, first in film and then in digital, at the New School and ICP.

Monika loves how photography allows her to see, feel, and capture the beauty of the everyday. Whether traveling around the world or hanging out with her kids on the soccer field, she rarely finds a place not worth photographing. Most drawn to people and capturing the human spirit, she believes every image tells a story and delights in how light, colors and textures all come alive through the lens.

When not clicking away with her DSLR or iPhone, Monika can be found with either coffee or wine in hand, trying to keep her two teenage boys on the straight and narrow. She currently sits on the Board of Tisch Multiple Sclerosis Research Center, and is active in politics & several non-profits. Monika and her husband own a vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina, where she hopes to spend more time in the years to come.