Reality is not always probable or likely.


"Panda" began as a way to make Snapchat more enjoyable. Snapchat, it seemed, was more about sending ugly selfies to people you barely know than anything else and so the Panda adventure began. What started as a quirky way to engage against-the-grain with a media app grew into a larger story about Panda and Rooster on a grand adventure. As I traveled, they traveled, too, exploring worlds in the small scale and facing enemies, meeting gods, and overcoming internal struggles. 


The "Panda" story has since moved to Instagram Stories - it's just not worth having so many apps - and continues sporadically. The initial story line has faded a little, the story narrative now taking twists and turns at my own discretion. But it's fun, and the fact that it disappear makes it something a little more valuable than just an image sitting pointlessly unobserved. At least, in my opinion.

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